“Sure there are things to be resistant about, but strength to achieve bliss is found in the act of finding balance in an otherwise insurmountable experience” -Julien Wells (September 7, 1978- January 14, 2017)




The Awakening is here, and we are becoming more aware of the non-physical aspects of ourselves and our connection to each other as One at the energetic level.  We have access to any consciousness we can imagine, and many are aware of this and actively practicing.  Many of us, however, have not yet discovered our own direct link to our Inner Beings (broader awareness) or our guides, the angels, etc.

Julien Wells has refined this connection for himself and has integrated it to such an extent that he can be a bridge for others as well, and is now providing this amazing service to the public.

He can tell you who your guides are and what messages they’ve been trying to get through to you, and connect with your Inner Being (Higher Being, Higher Self, etc). Many times there are dietary suggestions which come through as well to optimize your own personal process– suggested, of course , from your own Inner Being or guides and relayed back to you.

He can tell you your Star Seed origin along with current DNA percentages, and read what you’re attracting energetically in your field.  He can tell you past/parallel lives, and read your future and past timelines. He can translate the personality of your crystals, and describe their story.  He also has achieved mastery of Law of Attraction through integration and practice. (More complete list of services on Consulting page)

Among Julien’s own guides are Gaia (Earth) and the Sun, so he can relay messages from them as well. Most sessions come from an understanding of each person being responsible for creating their own reality, and the empowerment which comes through knowing/practicing this is the freedom we are all searching for.

Julien is a most kind-hearted wayshower who is humbly making himself available to anybody who has been trying to make these connections with themselves and finding difficulty. Julien also has a direct empathic/telepathic link with the star civilization The Pleiadians, and shares much insight from their perspective when requested.

No more than 5 minutes of speaking to Julien, his kind authenticity simply shines through, and his psychic abilities and connection to his own heart are undeniable.


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Cosmic Awakening Show with Michelle Walling and Larry Locken “Connecting with the Pleiadian Collective with Special Guest Julien Wells” from May 22, 2014

-Julien’s background is described (About 25 mins in) The path that lead to the Pleiadians
-He describes his first telepathic connection with the Pleiadians (initial meeting)
-Julien is connected to a data-collection ship, about 25,000 on board (3.5D, 5D, and 7D levels of awareness)
-Julien can help be a go between for people, relaying messages from their higher beings and their guides (he actually can see them as well, remotely, and also angels)
-The show “The Transitioning,” which Julien hosted for a year with Bob Wright, but recently concluded
-Julien also speaks with Gaia regularly
-His favorite channeler is Bashar
-Julien begins doing sessions over the phone with callers
-He does readings for hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken, as well
-The Pleiadians have an “etheric camera” on Julien (Like the Truman Show)
-Julien talks about Brian Porter’s Atlantean crystal bed that fully activated his energy sight

Other and more recent interviews can be found on the Events page







New to all of this, or know someone who is?  If you consider yourself to be recently awakened, or just beginning to learn about Law of Attraction/Vibration, Ascension, 5th Dimensional Awareness, Creating Reality or other related subjects, please listen to this public session which covers many of the foundations:

For Newbies: The Basics of Awakening

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-Woke up 3-4 months ago
-Learning vibration and creating reality
-Releasing old beliefs, seeing through illusion
-Imagination is communication
-Emotions and mood
-The Mind and programs/beliefs
-Sharing new discoveries with current partners (awakening before your partner)
-“Am I an Old Soul?”
-Arcturian DNA/Energy (extremely detailed description)