April 19, 2016- Episode 10 archive


Episode 10 of Exploring the New Age is posted to the Live Stream page. ¬†Tonight’s topics:

-Is ‘The Event’ close?
-Earthquakes, Sun changes, Panama Papers, increase in Ufo sightings
-Energies of this powerful week
-A distraction event likely
-Tranid shows up again
-He says a Huge data dump is coming in weeks
-Hackers and the Pentagon
-Disclosure on a large scale
-The importance of Forgiveness at this time
-Gaia is looking after the “sheep” (sleeping masses)
-Needing permission to eat animals in order to receive benefit from it
-How the subconscious operates with other people
-Julien announces his new service for illustrating auras and doing full body chakra scans

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