April 28, 2016: Special Live Stream

Here is the archive for tonight’s Special Exploring the New Age show, “Comprehending Vibration”. I’m in a very high, silly mood which only intensifies as the stream progresses! I had a lot of fun 🙂 (Again, in 2 parts)

-Vibrations manifesting
-Always expanding, not contracting
-Traveling faster than speed of light
-The vibration of royalty vs peasant
-Princess Diana
-Quantum Physics and dimension
-Seeing energy
-Exploding vibrations
-Celebrity ascension “deaths”
-Prince and his music
-Dying is the lowest point of existence we can experience in 3D
-Creating what we can explore – may be introduced by psychedelic drugs
-Weed is edible form is best
-Ascension point
-The heart is a toroidal figure
-The first drug ever offered to you is your path
-Dark night of the soul not necessary
-Julien has gone to the hippy world


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