August 11, 2016: Exploring the New Age Season 2, Episode 4

Hey everyone, season 2, episode 4 of Exploring the New Age has been posted to the Live Stream page.  During this show, we talk about our new show premiering this Saturday, August 13 at 6PM at the same Live Stream address:  But we also talk about MUCH more!  Interview Archives will be posted also on the Live Stream page.  Thanks for watching! Last night’s show:

-Pleiadian Economics
-Economy is affected by how awake the population is
-Pleiadians have smaller, more personal economies
-Balance and imbalance within exchanges
-Resetting the economy in a wide sweep
-We are moving to a non-scarcity reality
-Pleiadian Masa speaks on conspiracy and the cabal controlling the money
-The reset will not occur through governmental means
-New technologies
-Bitcoin, Replicators
-Swissindo and Basic Income
-Do we drop the body to move into 5th dimensional consciousness?
-Ascension is a continual journey
-New interview show premiering Saturday, 8-13-16. 6pm pacific, 1st guest is Steve Beckow from Golden Age of Gaia

season 2 graphic

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