August 13, 2016: Premier of Exploring the New Age: The Interviews

Our first interview has been posted to the Events page! I cannot even describe how amazing this interview was! Don and I both thank Steve Beckow and all of you for joining us tonight! Thanks for watching🙂

-Steve runs the Golden Age of Gaia website , how he got started with it (
-The Light Worker community is rapidly growing
-He entered a state of bliss on September 27, 2015
-Bliss and what Steve calls, “Transformative Love”
-He consults with Archangel Michael weekly via a channel
-What is the New Earth? Nova Earth/Nova Gaia?
-Disclosure and The Event
-Obama is backed by Heaven
-The Revaluation of currency, and abundance/prosperity programs
-Meeting our Galactic Family
-“The Light Worker’s Congress”, coined by Steve
-Contact at
-Debt forgiveness
-Bliss is the 5th dimension
-Ascension is our natural state
-Pleiadians offer a perspective on elevated consciousness


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