August 17, 2016: Exploring the New Age episode 5

Episode 5 of Exploring the New Age has been posted to the Live Stream page! Thanks so much for watching!

-Gaia portal messages, Julien goes through today’s message (
-Julien’s guides the Sun and Gaia (the Earth), and Logos
-States of bliss
-Creativity in darkness
-What is a “Master”?
-Is the Earth flat?
-There is no real consensus
-Pleiadian Devon speaks about prosperity packages
-Credit cards and living free in daily life
-Claiming sovereignty in self, “Question everything, and decide the answer”
-Definitions and relationships
-A new, question-based live stream show coming soon
-Public sessions are going away in about a week- book now if you still want the reduced rate

season 2 graphic

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