August 20, 2016: Interview with Andrew Martin

Hello everyone! The new interview, this week with Andrew Martin, has been posted to the Events page! Thanks so much for watching 🙂


-Andrew Martin considers himself a spiritual rebel, and intuitive oracle
-He experienced a dark time leading up to his awakening
-Andrew’s connection with his guides and where ‘The Lighted Ones’ came from
-The point of “great surrender” on the spiritual journey
-Your dream is calling you because it *already* exists
-Emotions are not liability, they are guidance
-5th dimensional consciousness entails taking responsibility, no more finger pointing
-Bob Wright will be interviewed 2 weeks from now
-Waking up doesn’t mean you have to “go public”
-We CAN have a big life and be spiritual
-When you don’t like your job
-A practical focusing technique
-How Julien transitioned his “day job” experience
-Pleiadian Diana joins the conversation
-Understanding the self through the archetypes of the Four Elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth)
-Techniques for connecting with those energies
-How Pleiadians ground with no planet to connect to
-Diana asks Andrew questions
-How to contact Andrew:, on Facebook, email, sessions, etc.

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