August 27, 2016: Interview with Judy and Email Correction

The Interview with Judy Jandora has been posted to the Events page!  Thanks so much for watching!  Also, on my contact page I had my email listed as:, but this has not been functioning and I’ve only been made recently aware of this.  I have corrected the error, and my email for contact is:  I sincerely apologize to those who’ve tried to contact me by email and could not.  In-joy this fun interview, cheers 🙂

-Judy reads tarot, is a traveler, spiritual teacher
-Her experiences with Awakening
-Releasing old beliefs and learning who you are
-The lie of “Shame”
-The power of creativity and Art
-Swissindo and prosperity packages
-Judy speaks about the Tarot
-The Pleiadians ask Judy what she considers her special healing modality (we all have one)
-Setting oneself free of unknown governmental contracts
-The current energy acceleration
-Relax into the flow, or get knocked down
-Contact Judy: Facebook Judy Vancil Jandora, Skype Judy.jandora1, email

August 27 Judy Jandora

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