In memory of Julien Wells, September 7, 1978- January 14, 2017.


I have been doing sessions for people for over 3 years, and receive consistent, excellent feedback (See Testimonials below).

All sessions are recorded, and I send you a link afterward. Sometimes the sessions run a bit late because the segment must come to a natural conclusion, so please be patient and allow a window of 10-15 minutes for me to call you! Please do not call me for the aforementioned reason of being in a session with someone else.

If you suspect the call is too late, send me a message in Skype or Facebook, or email to assure there have been no scheduling errors!  I also have “Off Hours” times available for all other times of day at a slightly increased price.  Prior public sessions listed below, and also compiled on this Youtube playlist.  Also see short clips of sessions, below.

Here is a list of services I offer. Note, this is not a complete list, as what comes through is as broad or deep as the intention of the asking. This is simply a listing of things that I have regularly done for people since I began doing sessions in 2013:

-Connect to your broader awareness or Higher Being/Inner Being to reveal data and bring messages through
-Connect to your guides (your divine guidance “team”) and find out exactly the role they play in your life and anything you wish to ask them
-Dietary suggestions from guides and your broader being and ways to connect with them YOURSELF
-Star Seed Origin and DNA percentages (10% Pleiadian, 3% Arcturian, etc)
-What you’re attracting energetically in your vibrational field, and how you’re attracting current circumstances/conditions
-Tell you past/parallel lives, and read your future and past timelines
-Talk with and translate the personality of your crystals, and tell you what they are best suited for
-Talk with your pets or children and relay messages from them
-Describe your Soul Contracts and contracts with people in your life, and past/parallel lives you share together
-Mastery of Law of Attraction through integration and practice


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Full Length Sessions:

April 27, 2016: Stacey Public Session

-Using crystals while recognizing their consciousness
-Caring for crystals properly
-Visual/psychic analysis of a crystal’s energy field
-Connecting with the Pleiadians
-How the mind solidifies (grounds) things
-Global Disclosure
-Movies and Disclosure
-Dense energy provides the journey of exploration


April 6, 2016: Kurt Public Session

-Odin, a powerful consciousness
-Chris Jacobs channels him
-There is a stage in the sleep cycle where we “interview” guides who have the skills we wish to cultivate
-Crystals appearing in dreams
-Crystals have consciousness
-They respond to humans as if we’re Gods
-They can be great partners of cocreation
-The swastika
-When crystals break
-Energy Sight
-Orchids are highest conscious expression of the plant kingdom
-Physical injury
-Guides are aspects of you
-How guides communicate
– Chakras in depth


April 18, 2016: Don Murphy Public Session

-Working with Gaia’s dimensions
-Grounding New Earth
-Connecting with the elements (earth, air, fire, water)
-Coconut oil
-Rituals given by guides
-More from Tranid who spoke during the Live Stream show on 4-5-16
-THIS is a loaded week (4/18-4/24)
-Panama Papers likely to crescendo this week
-Watermelon can lift depression
-Pleiadians come forward


March 10, 2016: Miles Public Session

-Cleaning crystals/giving them more potency
-T Nano Technology
-Programming crystals
-What is “Prayer”?
-The illusion of Time
-Star Seeds and Ascension
-How the crystals have assisted us
-Pushing your truth on others (Flat Earth theory)
-Hollow Earth
-Guides are introduced
-The ego is the one going through Ascension
-Numerology suggestions (Number vibrations)


March 9, 2016: Jacqui Public Session

-Humor and child nature
-What guide communication feels like
-Ways to receive guides
-Angel Guide
-Dietary suggestions


February 29, 2016: Andrea Public Session

-Energies of last year leading into this year (2016)
-Authentic communication
-The internet is part of humanity’s expansion
-Message from her baby
-Back pain analysis
-Creating increased intimacy


February 18, 2016: Jason Public Session

-An unaddressed emotional issue manifesting in life events
-Manifesting the future
-How to hear his guides
-Julien channels the guides
-Vibrational field reading
-Focus on what’s going well (silver linings)
-How to ground vibrations


December 30, 2015: Grant Public Session

-The balance of the Root/Sacral chakras
-Time, timing, and synchronicity
-Artistic output
-Influencing others’ creations
-Balance of Masculine/Feminine (Yin/Yang)
-Athen Chimenti,
-The Moon/13 months
-2016 potential timelines
-Messages from guides


November 19, 2015: Nadine Public Session

-ET visitation dream
-The mind’s ability to comprehend/Detoxing
-Connection (contract) with a pet
-Talking with cats
-How messages get through
-Helping humanity
-Death as “Groundhog Day”
-Mind reading
-Messages from guides
-Physical description of Higher Being/name


November 10, 2015: Debra Public Session

-Video session
-What each chakra (energy center) is for
-The role chakras play in exercising discernment
-Reading everything as a symbol, as information with meaning for you
-Seeing negativity in others
-Personal “blockages” (beliefs)


November 2, 2015: Andrew Public Session

-Energy which still remains with people from whom we’ve “detached”

-“Delusion” is related to the word “Illusion”
-Other people’s paths are right for them
-“Dark night of the soul” becoming unnecessary
-Why isn’t the world contrast-free now that my vibration is higher?
-Star seeds help the world by being themselves
-Kryptonite is old perspectives of the mind
-Ultimately, there is no one “out there” to heal– they’re doing just fine
-Tips for raising vibration
– Forgiving yourself for everything
-“crumby gurus who want money”/Ego
-Adjusting states with the breath– accessing gut/heart intelligence


October 27, 2015: Javier Public Session

-Still believing not everyone goes to heaven
-Turning well wishes on yourself
-Loosening future projections
-“Food is cardboard”
-His family ancestry as connected to the Gnomes
-Gnomes as “imaginary friends”
-Cobra and Corey Goode…what do Julien’s Pleiadian contacts feel about them?



October 21, 2015: Dustin Public Session

-A friend who passed on
-Signs being given by guides
-The mind finding ways to discredit revelations
-Being youthful
-Finding positive aspects of current condition (focus on what’s working)
-Literal monetary value of energy
-Deluding self/dilluting self
-Allowing yourself to say things
-Self sabotage (of creating one’s world) with subconscious patterns of talking
-Choosing as compared to “looking for direction”
-Societal training
-Congestion of the mind
-Letting go
-It’s time to party! 😀
-“The Grand Experiment”
-The 3D “box” still contains infinite choice
-1’s and 0’s expanded explanation


October 1, 2015: Grant Public Session

-Powerful downloads of September resulted in necessary “spring cleaning”
-Detachment from people who are still living the old world
-Archetypes and Ego
-The final timeline split
-The balance of Creation and Exploration
-“Escape Vector”
-What it really means to be One
-The Harvest
-The real “Cloud 9” (beyond the veil)


September 24, 2015: Cindy Public Session

-Soul Contract with her grandson
-Attracting bullies
-Messages from guides
-Ends at 1:08:35


September 23, 2015: Andrew Public Session

-Substances and spiritual progress
-What “grounding” is for
-Accessing heart intelligence/Trust
-Messages from guides
-Ends at 2:07:37


September 8, 2015: Alison Public Session

-Reaching the place of trusting the self before others
-Therapy and talking things out
-How the “other” is really us talking to ourselves (the mirror)
-Mental breakdowns and hospitalization
-The silver lining approach/embracing all experience as a teacher


August 5, 2015: Guillermo Public Session

-Relationships facilitating spirituality/partner is not awake yet
-Twin Flames/Soul Mates/Soul Family
-Expansion balanced with grounding
-Acquiring energy
-Partners as spring boards
-Dream worlds are real


August 4, 2015: Heidi Public Session

-Recurring nightmare since 1993
-The abandoned inner child
-What guardian angels really do
-Crystals, being a crystalline being
-Respect self FIRST
-Beliefs can create a cage
-Meditation suggestions
-Loosening food fears
-Message for the public


July 30, 2015: Michelle Public Session

-Timelines in depth
-The heart as a system of energy flow
-Fruitfulness of death
-How death is like Groundhog Day; from self perspective, the physical experience only ends precisely when you choose
-Messages from guides
-Organic relationships
-The Freemasons
-Reflections in the external
-Corey Goode and David Wilcock (Sphere Alliance)
-The imminent shifts of September 2015
-Financial Reset/Disclosure


July 22, 2015: Nikki Public Session

-Suspicion of son’s current transgender behavior
-Gender orientation is not really “locked in” until around age 11
-Transition of school system
-Child’s guide conveys things to mom
-Dietary adjustments, allowing the child to identify his own energy source
-Messages from her own guides


July 21, 2015: Dustin Public Session

-“Is my frequency high or low?” (relative to others in the Awakening communities)
-Distinctions between 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th dimensional awareness
-The very real power of forgiveness
-Specific DNA percentage
-Being the example of the attraction power of alignment
-Old souls
-Telepathy coming online fast and easy
-“Who is my Soul Family?”
-Messages from guides


July 14, 2015: Sharon Public Session

-Working with water
-Dolphin consciousness
-Removing money limits
-Fighting in relationships


July 13, 2015: Jeff Public Session

-Energetic symptoms of the eyes (very early stages of acquiring energy sight)
-Suggestions from guides to facilitate the process
-Awesome candle meditation for relationships (message directed at everyone listening as the guides know the session is public)
-Too much focus on the outside
-Electric/static shocks rapidly change DNA


June 24, 2015: Christine Public Session

-New at meditating
-The wheel of Karma and how things orbit in one’s energetic field
-Circumstances manifest only in ways believable to the mind
-The mind’s process of integrating magical experiences
-Lucid dreaming
-Cloud bursting/programming water
-Instant manifestation: Julien’s dream about the “3 days of darkness” prophecy
-The outer world always/only reflects your vibration
-The benefits of living in this density, and why we’re so interesting to other galactic races
-Bringing the people you love with you as your consciousness expands
-The key, “practice silver linings”, technique for shifting moods
-Excellent explanation of death and timelines


June 3, 2015: Session with Chris, For Newbies: The Basics of Awakening

(Great video to send to someone who has freshly awakened)

-Woke up 3-4 months ago
-Learning vibration and creating reality
-Releasing old beliefs, seeing through illusion
-Imagination is communication
-Emotions and mood
-The Mind and programs/beliefs
-Sharing new discoveries with current partners (awakening before your partner)
-“Am I an Old Soul?”
-Arcturian DNA/Energy (extremely detailed description)


May 27, 2015: Nadine Public Session

-Past/Parallel life reading
-Raw/V diet/ protein
-5 Tips for receiving answers to another’s question


May 21, 2015: Helga Public Session

This is a wonderful video session with Helga, and we are joined again by Rune.  The personal field reading was really quite amazing.


May 19, 2015: Dustin Public Session

-Andromedan star seed, 38% Arcturian DNA (A star seed is one who has at least 10% star DNA active)
-Vibrational fields
-Reptilian DNA
-“Choosing” Earth
-What is Ascension/raising frequency
-Earth conscious world/Human conscious world
-Law of Attraction
-Coming events/energies
-Developing energy sensitivity/pineal clearing (decalcification)
-Communication from guides
-State of mind/Mood


May 18, 2015: Rune Public Session

-Video session
-Earth changes
-Much disclosure coming up Summer/end of the year
-Respect of Self
-Gradual discipline of the mind
-Free energy, QEG, communities
-Vibrational field reading
-Guide introductions
-How to tell which guides are answering you


May 16, 2015Session with India Irie Sanatana Dharma and crew

Julien offers mini (video) sessions to India, Jeremy, Natalie, and Cary, and also gives a general reading of the group they have formed, its missions and “timelines”.


April 28, 2015: Nadine Public Session

-Refining new telepathic ability
-Addressing concerns with ESP, 6th sense, etc
-Synchronicities can validate the purity
-The Mind’s role
-Her guides
-“Why am I here?”
-Andromedan energy
-DNA lineage
-The Cabal/Illuminati
-Everyone has at least a small amount of reptilian DNA
-Fearful realities
-One of the bigger awakening discussions most are having
-Dietary suggestions
-Recording ends at 1:06:52


April 22, 2015: Ginger Public Session

-Expansion and contraction phases
-“The Vortex”
-Connecting to Gaia (Earth) to balance energy
-Physical symptoms
-One’s relationship to the climate/weather
-Field reading
-Recording ends at 1:13:07


April, 20, 2015: Alison Public Session

-12th session
-“From the couch to 5D”
-Bibliomancy- using books for divination
-Asking for answers and recognizing them
-Telepathy/talking with guides
-The Mind and Law of Attraction
-Communicating with guides
-Recording ends at 2:05:40


April 12, 2015: Judy Jandora Public Session

-Huge shifts in her life right now
-Miracles and Julien’s “Penny” experience
-Julien reads vibrations he can see in her field
-Suggestions from her higher being/guides
-Upgrades and bending electricity
-General progress prior to and during this summer
-The guides are described
-Recording ends at 1:20:20


March 23, 2015: Alison Public Session (Past/Parallel Lives Pt 2)

-11th Session, continuation from Part 1
-more about contracts


March 18, 2015: Alison Public Session (Past/Parallel Lives Pt 1)

-Julien accessing Parallel Lives of Alison’s, commonly referred to as “Past Lives”


March 11, 2015: Tony Public Session

-Video session
-Work and Money
-Physical illness
-Family/people in the vicinity
-Resistance of the mind
-Getting the mind on board with the heart
-Meditation techniques to quiet or “distract” the mind


February 18, 2015: Alison Public Session

-Alison’s 9th session
-Sex and soul mates
-Thanking old contracts/experiences to release them
-Characters in the “play” (back-drop people, as Delores Cannon mentions)
-It’s all about perception (intution/empathy)
-You are not alone, nothing is “private” (Hiding serves not)
-“You plow your own dimension, you are always the leading lady in your story”
-“Be honest no matter the results”
-The only truth worth speaking is your own, all others are “options”
-“the death of a World”
-Trolls and Giants
-Unicorns can have children from Thought


February 2, 2015: Evelyn Public Session

-One of several sessions of hers
-Julien tells her time of birth
-Answers questions she’s compiled
-Some dream analysis
-Ego/Higher Mind


January 27, 2015: Jeffrey Public Session

-Julien connects to his guides
-How guides “guide”, and how the higher being is trying to come through
-The Sacred Neutral


January 26, 2015: Kristin Public Session

-The current waves of energy
-Archangel Gabriel comes forth and addresses the public!
-The Agarthans/Inner Earth
-The Imagination’s true function
-Negative entities, hauntings
-Programming reality


January 26, 2015: Candice Public Session

-Julien connects with her guides
-Arcturian and Pleiadians DNA activations
-Programming bath water
-Suggestions to strengthen receiving messages


January 12, 2015: Alison Public Session

-Jobs as mirrors for ourselves
-The mind’s responses to guidance
-Suggestions for Sacral chakra blockage
-Power of apples
-Soul Family


December 29, 2014: Alison Public Session

-Loving self to attract long-lasting relationship
-Sacral chakra properties and boosting
-Smoking cigarettes


December 15, 2014: Alison Public Session

-People are mirrors
-Souls are androgynous
-Twin Flames
-Remembering dreams
-Connecting with animals


October 13, 2014: Tao Public Session

-What “Soul Contracts” are
-Connects to Tao’s Higher Being about his own contracts
-A “paranormal” experience
-3 Andromedans doing a DNA reading
-Many Andromedans already on Earth living out of phase of our human visual spectrum
-How to connect with them
-Energy upgrade experience
-Number sequences and synchronicity
-Integrating parallel lives


October 13, 2014: Andrew Public Session

-Importance of creative expression
-Working with Mind to wade through illusions
-Law of Attraction
-Julien’s Vegas Manifestation story 10 years ago
-Progress with the Pharmaceutical addiction
-Video games and micro realities
-Guides are never in opposition to anything, they promote solutions
-Energy taxing
-Suggestions from his guides


September 30, 2014: Patricia Public Session

-Formerly interested in Avatar Energy Mastery Institute
-The diet and the energy sensitivity exercises
-Seeing energy auras
-Her guides
-“Gold Ring” energy “Atmos” (Later we connected that it resembles the “Atmosphere” of the Solar Eclipse)
-He doesn’t know it yet, but he basically describes the effects of an Eclipse (So yes, Julien literally connects with the energy of the Eclipses)
-positive emotion/Love creates the new paradigm
-Sun gazing
-Elf guide/elf dimensions
-Balance and empowerment
-Mood Lightening
-Non-physical connection


October 15, 2014: Kevin Public Session

-ET sightings and communications
-Julien describes his (Kevin’s) higher being
-Sirian/Dolphin connection
-Telepathy and programming water
-“Past” life freezing water intention ritual
-Methods for communication (auto-writing, channeling, and dream scaping)


October 8, 2014:Angela Public Session

-Lunar Eclipse energy having effects
-Ubuntu/New Earth Nation
-Communities without money
-What’s coming for her
-The collective shifting
-Solar Eclipse to bring another wave (end of month)
-We are all at different stages
-Arcturian energy
-How we got the Internet
-Princess Diana
-Council of Nine


October 16, 2014: Simone Public Session

-Connects with guides
-Law of Attraction in depth
-3 guides: Flower/Fairy, Sol (Sun), and a Gnome


July 16, 2014: David Public Session

-Video session
-Clarification of a photograph which picked up light coming up through the snow
-Why he didn’t see it with his eyes
-3rd eye, imagination = Information
-How Julien became sensitive to energy
-Methods to see more
-How animals react to energy
-The “Penny” experiment, and manifesting out of thin air


May 28, 2014: Dan Public Session

-Events after last session
-Contact experiences expanding
-REALLY creating reality, writing programs
-Pleiadian/Human interplay
-Physics of the lighter realms


May 12, 2014: Dan Public Session

-He’s a contactee, Pleiadians say hello
-13 Pleiadians
-Arrangment of a space to strengthen telepathic link
-Star seed origin
-Pleiadian mission
-Phases of expansion


September 25, 2013: Curt Public Session

-Fat and oils store a lot of energy
-Mantra for clearing food
-Intentions toward preparing food are vital
-Trusting the food that you’re drawn to
-5D art to influence awakening in video games (one of Julien’s specialties ;))
-Dream/color symbology
-Children, nightmares, and co-sleeping
-Looking again at childhood memories
-Ends at 55:35


September 3, 2013: Curt Public Session 

-OPPT, courtesy notices turned life upside down
-Believing in non-physical energy, higher being
-Energetic status of Chakras
-His guides
-Building intuition
-Tip for neck/back pain
-Ends at 54:22


July 1, 2014: Claudia Public Session

-Video Session
-She asks to connect with her spirit guides
-One is Archangel Uriel
-One is an ancestor
-One is a “puzzle solver”
-Message from Rachael
-Star seed origin (Lyran)
-Volcano initiation
-Her husband’s guides


September 15, 2013: Benjamin Public Session

-Video session
-Psychiatric conditions (Bipolar)
-What energy is, being psychic
-The data is there to be perceived
-Julien on Pleiadian TV
-He describes the Pleiadians he’s connected to
-The topless Pleiadian in overalls and rainbow tu-tu
-Reevaluating what’s valid
-Dreams are real, just lighter
-Dimension is not the same as Density
-Chakra system
-Ends at 1:07:37


August 25, 2014: Angela Public Session

-Partners at different stages of awakening
-5D perspectives on TV
-Reflections in relationships
-The whole matrix designed to limit access to heart
-Future life with Arcturians


October 15, 2013: Andrea Public Session

-Describes her Pleiadian family/planet
-Vehicles and technology these Pleiadians have
-How to create telepathic connection with them
-Describes 2 human women also part of this family
-Water programming mantra specific to that family
Pleiadians on Crystals link
–Sacred Geometry arrangement of crystals
-Several dietary suggestions
-The Ankh
-Ends at 1:06:55

September 1, 2014: Andrew Public Session 

-Meditation and intuition
-The Ascension path
-Rearranging the template of reality to Heart’s preferences
-Julien downloads suggestions from Andrew’s higher being
-Brain wave states
-Symbols are keys
-Higher being communicates often through symbology
-Contrast to explore reality
-Slingshot effect
-Dietary suggestions
-Oil Pulling
-Ends at 1:01:33


September 8, 2014: Andrew Public Session

-Andrew gives update on previous dietary suggestions
-Slow steps to alter sugar intake
-He asks Julien a few questions about how close the Pleiadians are to him
-Julien explains a bit about his process for receiving the field data
-Imagination IS your higher being
-Beliefs impede the connection
-Over-lapping states and bridging
-Bibliomancy (using books for divination)
-Ritual for learning 5D etymology of 3D words for reprogramming/re-associating the words
-“Cake” example (lol brilliant)
-The world is symbolic
-No time, no deadlines, nothing to worry about!
-Contracts and soul family
-Ends at 58:55


September 24, 2014:  Andrew Public Session 

-Andrew asks about entities visiting him since childhood
-Sleep/Dream cycles
-Time in non-physical realms
-What the entities were doing
-Soul Evolution and Gateways
-“Jester” entity he saw on Facebook
-Facing ridicule
-The lighter realms and being psychic
-Subconscious vs Ego
-Broader reasons for feeling left out
-Not remembering traumatic events
-Cognitive Dissonance
-Mirroring, experiencing things vicariously
-Pharmaceutical addiction
-Painkiller withdrawals
-Pharmaceuticals are like prison chains
-3D “jobs” and money
-Ends at 59:05, apologies for the extra space!


July 17, 2014 Public session-turned Pleiadian Update with Don 

Don is somebody who has had many sessions with Julien, so this one kind of turned into a Pleiadian Update, so we felt it should be shared. Enjoy!

-The energy is moving very fast now
-Since 2012
-Pleiadians come forward to discuss 2012
-Alternative timeline of 2012
-Differing paces of discovery
-Pleiadians suggest easy alignment as far as timelines (Ekotai is the name of the Pleiadian who shares on this, Julien has known him for a while)
-NOW is the most solid point of awareness
-Observe heart, take it step by step
-Collaboration is happening with those who were picked up (11,000 cabal members on June 7th, refer to this video:, and the update which was done one week later:
-Pleiadians are here, observing human thought and interaction
-Prime directive: will not obscure anyone’s path to their heart
-Child-like approach we are rediscovering invited their pattern to assist those who choose to find that
-Julien describes his 5 year old daughter and her method of allowing what she wants (children are teachers)
-Ekotai interrupts to share something he he’s about Chicago/Detroit region
-He sees a sort of demolition with flowers growing out of the rubble (symbolism)
-He asks Don what he feels from this energetically
-HUGE jump in crime/murder over 4th of July weekend
-Flourishing will start early there, the environment of negativity is imploding on itself
-Recording gets cutoff, but the session is basically over at this point.

**A couple days later, Don sent Julien a message:  “Julien,
Reference Ekotai’s question about Chicago, something just hit me.  In 1871, the city was burned to the ground.  Remember Mrs. O’Leary’s cow?  Anyway, it rebuilt itself, literally like a Phoenix from the ashes, into a major city and the “flower” of modern architectural genius.  Not to mention, it’s name comes from the Algonquin language (I think) and means “wild onion.”  More plant-based info.


July 29, 2013 Whitney Fisher

-Identifying with our core, integrating other lives (“past” or Parallel lives)
-Akashic and the “Now”
-Energy status in the body
-Healing and learning the parameters
-Unity consciousness
-Energetic patterns
-Money is energy
-Soul Family
-Animal nature
-ET origin