ET Contact Questionnaire

This form is to be used for Extra Terrestrials/Dimensionals to put in a consideration for contact. There are no right or wrong answers for any question. ┬áThese questions were downloaded on the show (from the Pleiadians) Exploring the New Age Season 2 ‘Countdown to Contact’, Episode 2. Please refer to that episode for more details.

1. What is your favorite thought(s) about Extra Terrestrial races? Something that makes you excited based on information that already exists.

2. If you would have one thing removed from Earth or your life, what would that be?

3. What would you do for others if you were contacted? What would you give back?

4. If you could eat any food that you know of (experienced or imagined), what would that food be?

5. In your life, what have you had the sense you are waiting for?

6. Which of the planets in your solar system do you identify with most and why?

7. Name the ET species or group (other realms, Fae, Gnomes, etc) you are most familiar with.

8. Think of a time that you’ve been “lost”, or identified with the word “lost”, and describe that experience (past experience, not present). Describe the process from being lost to being “not lost”, the journey.

9. If you could go by any name, what would you go by? Your unique identifier.

10. What is the color of your eyes?

11. Describe the family you identify with.