June 1, 2016: Exploring the New Age Episode 16


The archive of last night’s video live stream has been posted to the Live Stream Page.  Thanks for watching!

David Wilcock article
-Part 4 special coming Thursday on vibration, frequency, flicker rates. Facebook Event
-Time is relative, based on perception
-They are REAL experiences
-Seeing energy on hands
-Getting more data
-The Ascension Mirror World
-You slow down, get more done in less time (4th density)
-You have to respect your way through Hell, or stay there
-“The Event” when everything changes
-How Julien deliberately manifested a penny out of thin air
-The POWERFUL energy of June 2016
-Something momentous will change the way you see life, could be personal could be global
-Something which really integrates the fact that YOU create your world
The President’s Space Report Letter
-The Pleiadians and the Sun join the conversation
-There’s a way to “read” the Sun


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