June 14, 2016: Exploring the New Age Episode 18

Episode 18 has been posted to the Live Stream page.   It’s getting more difficult to keep these shows to a reasonable length. I only got through about a third of what I had to bring forward! Thanks for watching 🙂 (y)

-How we are involved in disclosure
-How ET’s party
-Julien’s Pleiadian body
-The human journey through the 21 Major Arcana (Tarot)
-This planet has extreme abundance
-Getting caught up in what people think of you
-Most ETs are telepathic
-Repetition and sticking with things long enough to see your impact
-Julien’s visits to future timelines (4 years from now)
-Replicators will be overwhelmingly available
-Generating something from nothing
-A giant airport right near the Moon
-Julien finally speaks on Gun Control
-Wounded Knee massacre
-Anarchy and Scarcity Consciousness
-We don’t actually need to defend ourselves
-Healing abilities
-The energetics of being overweight
-Trading lives
-How to leave the planet


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