June 4, 2016: Talk with Laura Matsue: The Unawakened

This is a very relevant talk I had with Laura Matsue regarding waking up before others around you, and trying to wake other people up. It is posted now to the Events page.  Thanks for watching! 🙂

-Julien receives guidance directly from the Sun
-Feeling “ahead” of others who are awakening, disparaging remarks
-Only offer advice when asked
-Shaking someone’s grounding/maintaining one’s grounding
-Sun says: You, don’t have to wake up, but things are changing/accelerating regardless
-Things beginning to happen to your average person such as hearing a partner telepathically and not knowing how it happened
-Quantum Physics
-The Mandela Effect- little things in reality changing, and extending to past
-Timelines and memories
-About the Schumann Resonance


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