June 8, 2016: Exploring the New Age Episode 17

Hello, everyone.  Episode 17 has been posted to the Live Stream Page. Thanks for watching 🙂

-The month of June is a “test” or rather, “Opportunity”
-What are we REALLY trying to manifest? Differing values between people
-This moon cycle is about seeing your manifestations, when it becomes very real
-Applying Law of Attraction effectively
-Comparing June to December 21, 2012- significant catalyst
-Ego finally accepting the wisdom of the Higher Self, or Broader Awareness
-Now is the time for physical, grounding actions
-Much information and disclosure actually taking place beyond this planet
-Thinkers and Doers
-How Julien gets answers from Pleiadians
-Andrew Basiago
-About Mars, trees and beings under the surface
-There is MUCH going on “up there” (space)
-“The Veil” is the confines of your imagination
-Chemtrails have been disabled


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