May 11, 2016: Archive for Episode 13

Episode 13 archive has been published to the Live Stream page. Thanks for watching!

-There has been a collapsing of timelines
-You are the center of the Universe
-Understanding Time, it is not linear
-Now is what is relevant, the final result of all timeline potentials
-Speaking with “God”
-The past can change, literally
-Water is crystalline, our connection to the subtle energy
-Quantum Mechanics is our scientific bridge to the limitless world
-Negativity is just being at an imbalance
-A tool to move forward with: mantras
-Using repetition
-Change one tiny thing, everything shifts
-Practice your interests
-Getting into the “state of Now” with the breath
-Focus strengthens things
-Your state of mind changes Time
-Substances alter timing in the brain
-New updates, doing interviews soon
-Don’s contact and new projectsfinal

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