May 24, 2016- Episode 15 and Chewbacca Mom

Hey, everyone! Episode 15 of “Exploring the New Age” video live stream is posted to the Live Stream page. Thanks for watching! Remember to Like, Share and Subscribe <3

-The viral video “Chewbacca Mom”
-Permission to be “selfish”
-How worlds weave together
-The TV series “Avatar: The Last Air Bender”
-Aided in cascade of synchronicity
-Julien’s dream about Extra Terrestrial landings
-He boarded a huge cruise-like ship and explored it
-He tried foods and met people working there
-The Pleiadian Credit/Merit System
-Most things are all taken care of, similar to Basic Income system
-He went to a lounge on this ship
-How credits are earned
-The credit chips have intelligence like crystals
-What the bathrooms are like
-Establishing value of self
-Questions from the chat



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