May 3, 2016: Live Stream Episode 12

Hello wonderful friends 🙂  Archive for Episode 12 of Exploring the New Age is posted to the Live Stream page!

-Gaia (the Earth) and her take on existence
-21 archetypes for human life (21 major arcana in the Tarot)
-Tarot is Gaia’s “System”
-Lemuria had 11, animal kingdom has 3
-Reading Tarot
-The Fool is you
-Pleiadians think we’re hard core
-Cabal is non-creative
-Questions from the chat
-Julien channels Gaia
-Gaia requested the moon as her partner
-The moon was not always there, and will not always be there
-We talk with the late, great Prince
-He was “killed”, but wants to talk about what death really is
-Talk to your past to reprogram your now
-Wisdom of Prince wraps up the show


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