October 19, 2016: Episode 12 of Exploring the New Age and 50% off sessions

Hey, everyone!  Episode 12 has been posted to the Live Stream page!  Thanks so much for watching, and on this show I mention that for the next 2 weeks, all sessions are 50% off!  Click HERE to book.

-David Wilcock’s new book The Ascension Mysteries
-The Pleiadians have virtually no rules
-Creating reality through a better understanding of time
-Our individual kingdoms, and how they play together
-The energies of the current and past months
-Something big will happen in November
-A big reset point is coming before the end of the year, take care of yourself
-A “tears of joy” moment around Christmas
-All sessions with Julien are 50% off right now, in these highly transitional times
Follow this link to book at half off: http://btrl.me/go/1nhlup

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