October 27, 2016: Episode 13 Exploring the New Age

Episode 13 has been posted to the Live Stream page. Thanks so much for watching!

-Food and nutrition from a 5th Dimensional perspective
-The wider the diet, the wider the vibrational opportunities
-The body is a very powerful alchemical transmuter
-DNA changes throughout life
-Inbreeding actually creates super humans
-Doing magick with Legos
-A Christmas surprise
-There are 7-12 different archetypes of the consciousness of “Jesus” available for channeling
-About Santa Claus
-Exploring the New Age: The Interviews, this weekend October 29th, Don and Julien will interview Brad Johnson who channels the ET being “Adronis”
-50% off sessions with Julien through November 4th
-How DNA allows access to different realms/worlds
-Julien interprets today’s Gaia Portal message through talking with Gaia herself (gaiaportal.wordpress.com)

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