October 6, 2016: Episode 10 of Exploring the New Age

Episode 10 has been posted to the Live Stream page. ┬áIncredibly amazing show to kick off Julien’s new chapter of better health.

-Julien’s time in the hospital with Cancer
-Facing deepest fears
-Look for the best in this next world
-Having gratitude for EVERYTHING
-Hurricane Matthew
-Matthew the Angel was to become an angel, but “botched” it on his final test, Julien streams through data from the Book of Matthew, and this process of becoming an Angel
-Super intense, deep data comes forward!
-Matthew’s story is being revisited now
-People who die almost always want to come back
-The Pleiadian dream Julien had this morning
-Your own personal hurricane to shake you up
-Pollinate with gratitude!

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