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11-6-15: Posted session with Andrew on Consulting page

10-29-15: Posted session with Javier on Consulting page

10-27-15: Posted session with Dustin on Consulting page

10-14-15: Posted session with Grant on Consulting page

I have been featured on the website for Project Bring Me To Life
Located on Links page

10-8-15: Posted link to radio show with Jamie Norrad to Events

Talk with Judy Jandora about the Blood Moon Eclipse posted to
Events page

10-1-15: Posted sessions with Andrew and Cindy on the Consulting page

9-17-15: Posted session with Alison on the Consulting page

9-9-15: Please check the News page, and also note, a lot of you are booking times with me, but I will be on vacation the 16th through the 22nd camping and canoeing with my brothers in lower Ontario and will be unavailable. If you want a session before the 23rd, be sure to get your booking in before the 16th.

9-6-15: New Public page launched on Facebook!  Many of you I am already friends with, but here I am going to post all my latest news and updates for anyone following my public material.  I’m looking forward to sharing my time with the visitors and ‘Like’ers of my page. For a limited time, as a special ‘Welcome’ to my page I am offering $5 off sessions to new people to ‘Like’ my new page. Click here to Follow!

9-2-15: I’m now offering expanded hours and length of sessions! Half hour and two hour sessions are now available to book at:

8-26-15: Posted interview with Elena Kapulnik on Events page.

8-7-15: It has been brought to my attention that the recent posted sessions get cut off at the end, so we will be fixing those over the coming days.  Apologies! 🙂

8-5-15: Posted sessions with Heidi and Guillermo on Consulting page.

8-3-15: Posted sessions with Dustin, Nikki, and Michelle on Consulting page.

7-28-15: Posted sessions with Jeff and Sharon on Consulting page.

6-25-15: Posted Chat with Genevieve on Events page, and session with Christine on Consulting page.

6-5-15: Posted Spiritual Talk with Mom and Dad on Events page.

6-4-15: Posted session with Chris on Consulting page.

6-1-15: Posted Public Sessions with Helga and Nadine on Consulting page.

5-20-15: Posted public sessions with Dustin and Rune to Consulting page.

5-18-15: Posted the Google Hangout with Larry Locken on the Events page.  Some of you might have heard this already, but if you wanted to re-listen, the several minutes of dead air due to technical glitches has been edited out.

5-16-15: Posted video session with India Irie Sanatana Dharma and her crew on the Consulting page.

5-1-15: Posted public sessions with Ginger and Nadine on the Consulting page.

4-22-15: New Pleiadian Update posted to Events page.  Posted Alison’s public sessions (Past/Parallel Lives Pts 1 and 2, and her 2-Hour block), plus a session for Judy Jandora on the Consulting page.

4-6-15:  Hey, guys. We are going to have the kids with us for their school vacation this month, so normal session times are blocked out for the week of the 13th to the 17th. If anybody was interested in a session (during regular hours) before the 20th, this is the week to book it! Click here to book.

Posted new Public Session with Tony to Consulting page.

3-3-15: Lots of updates today! Public sessions with Alison and Evelyn have been posted to Consulting page. 2 new groups on Facebook have formed, check those on the Links page.  Conversation with Dermot Kelly has been posted to Events. 

1-29-15: Posted Conversation with Tolec et al. to Events page, and posted Public sessions for Tao, Alison, Candice, Kristin, and Jeffrey posted to Consulting page. Update to In5D show…it has been cancelled.

1-15-15: Upcoming Diamond’s show with Tolec and the Adromedan Council posted to News

1-6-15: Posted Diamond’s show with Sidereal astrologer Athen Chimenti to Events page

11-1-14: Posted Diamonds call with Franco DeNicola on Events page

10-24-14: Added sessions for Kevin and Patricia

10-21-14: Added a new page, Session Reviews!

10-17-14: Posted public sessions with Angela, Andrew, and Simone

10-14-14: Posted public session with David

10-10-14: Posted public sessions with Dan

10-2-14: Posted first 2 public sessions with Curt

9-26-14: Posted Public Sessions with Benjamin, Angela, and Andrea.

9-25-14: Posted Public Sessions with Andrew (3), found on Consulting page.

9-19-14: Updated News page.

8-26-14: I was a guest on India Irie’s show today, which I have posted in Events.

8-10-14: Pleiadian Update from August 9, 2014 posted to Events., and New Facebook group was created: “Questions for the Pleiadians”

8-2-14: Corey Taylor Talks Show from Thursday, July 31, 2014 is posted to Events.

7-22-14: I have posted a Pleiadian Update from 7/17/14 on the News page.


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