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Wednesdays at 6pm Pacific time, 9pm Eastern time

Join me and Don Murphy weekly where we have discussions on current events and the nature of reality. We also bring in guests telepathically, such as the Pleiadians and my own guides just to name a few.  Episodes archived below; show is broadcast via Facebook Live (click link below. You must “Like” Julien Wells Public Page, order to view the Stream.  Once liked, you are notified when the show goes Live)!

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Saturdays at 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern

Join us every week where we interview pioneers in the Awakening community! Show is broadcast via Facebook Live (click link below.  You must “Like” Julien Wells Public Page, order to view the Stream.  Once liked, you are notified when the show goes Live); archives are listed on the Events page!

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This show is on hiatus until further announcement.



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Season 2, Episode 13 (10-26-16)

-Food and nutrition from a 5th Dimensional perspective
-The wider the diet, the wider the vibrational opportunities
-The body is a very powerful alchemical transmuter
-DNA changes throughout life
-Inbreeding actually creates super humans
-Doing magick with Legos
-A Christmas surprise
-There are 7-12 different archetypes of the consciousness of “Jesus” available for channeling
-About Santa Claus
-50% off sessions with Julien through November 4th
-How DNA allows access to different realms/worlds
-Julien interprets today’s Gaia Portal message through talking with Gaia herself (


Season 2, Episode 12 (10-19-16)

-David Wilcock’s new book The Ascension Mysteries
-The Pleiadians have virtually no rules
-Creating reality through a better understanding of time
-Our individual kingdoms, and how they play together
-The energies of the current and past months
-Something big will happen in November
-A big reset point is coming before the end of the year, take care of yourself
-A “tears of joy” moment around Christmas


Season 2, Episode 11 (10-12-16)

-Hurricane Matthew
-When an angel re-enters the incarnation cycle
-Choosing your outcomes
-Living without food
-Super heroes, ETs, and Ascension
-Some back story about Julien’s family and Awakening
-All about food and body fat
-How Pleiadians eat
-Thoughts tainting food
-A brief history of cheese
-The September flyovers


Season 2, Episode 10 (10-5-16)

-Julien’s time in the hospital with Cancer
-Facing deepest fears
-Look for the best in this next world
-Having gratitude for EVERYTHING
-Hurricane Matthew
-Matthew the Angel was to become an angel, but “botched” it on his final test, Julien streams through data from the Book of Matthew, and this process of becoming an Angel
-Super intense, deep data comes forward!
-Matthew’s story is being revisited now
-People who die almost always want to come back
-The Pleiadian dream Julien had this morning
-Your own personal hurricane to shake you up
-Pollinate with gratitude!


Season 2, Episode 9 (9-14-16)

-Julien’s health situation and post-poning the workshop
-Everybody ready to process fears are getting as much as they can literally handle right now
-Some very personal information about Julien and Crystal’s relationship
-Being grounded in the here and now
-More detail about the 300 word document to change your entire life
-The Illuminati’s use of words to shape our society
-The current energies
-Hillary Clinton almost fainted
-Reading between the lines is important now
-September energy is masculine, October feminine


Season 2, Episode 8 (9-7-16)

-Ben Fulford’s recent report
-Taking your time with Ascension
-Positive perception of life
-The Event
-The real meaning of Love
-Timelines and merging timelines


Season 2, Episode 7 (8-31-16)

-Workshop coming up September 9th, 10th, 11th (
-Sessions are changing, upcoming changes for Julien
-Cloud 9 is becoming very real
-The energies of September and October
-BIG revelations surfacing
-We are woken up to the basics by end of the year
-Over-thinking things
-The accelerated timeline
-300 word creation document


Season 2, Episode 6 (8-24-16)

-A download wave has entered, will hit everyone
-Julien went through sickness the last few days
-The rule of 9
-Sorting out your life intentions
-Julien went back to Cloud 9
-Contract revocations, clearing all soul contracts
-Choice-based procedures for moving forward with a clean area (“Happy Hunting Grounds”)
-300 word document to build your life
-Divination tools to assess the progress (Tarot, Bibliomancy, Dowsing, Numerology, Angel Cards, etc)
-Energies of September (masculine) and October (feminine)


Season 2, Episode 5 (8-17-16)

Gaia portal messages, Julien goes through today’s message
-Julien’s guides the Sun and Gaia (the Earth), and Logos
-States of bliss
-Creativity in darkness
-What is a “Master”?
-Is the Earth flat?
-There is no real consensus
-Pleiadian Devon speaks about prosperity packages
-Credit cards and living free in daily life
-Claiming sovereignty in self, “Question everything, and decide the answer”
-Definitions and relationships
-A new, question-based live stream show coming soon
-Public sessions are going away in about a week- book now if you still want the reduced rate


Season 2, Episode 4 (8-10-16)

-Pleiadian Economics
-Economy is affected by how awake the population is
-Pleiadians have smaller, more personal economies
-Balance and imbalance within exchanges
-Resetting the economy in a wide sweep
-We are moving to a non-scarcity reality
-Pleiadian Masa speaks on conspiracy and the cabal controlling the money
-The reset will not occur through governmental means
-New technologies
-Bitcoin, Replicators
-Swissindo and Basic Income
-Do we drop the body to move into 5th dimensional consciousness?
-Ascension is a continual journey
-New interview show premiering Saturday, 8-13-16. 6pm pacific, 1st guest is Steve Beckow from Golden Age of Gaia:


Season 2, Episode 3 (8-3-16)

-Pleiadian special show, questions from the chat room
-Pleiadian procreation, and the development of children
-Different fertilization methods
-Children leave their parents around 6 years old
-What do they eat? Meat?
-Day to day life, occupations
-Hygiene practices
-Dancing and entertainment
-Body Art
-How Pleiadians deal with “offense”
-How they work with crystals
-New Interviewing show to begin airing on Saturdays starting August 13th


Season 2, Episode 2 (7-27-16)

-The Questionnaire, questions to work out how contact will occur
-A “pre-interview” to meet ETs
-It’s supposed to feel safe
-Julien channels the Questionnaire, from a Pleiadian known as a Lang, a communications officer

1. What is your favorite thought(s) about Extra Terrestrial races? Something that makes you excited based on information that already exists.
2. If you would have one thing removed from Earth or your life, what would that be?
3. What would you do for others if you were contacted? What would you give back?
4. If you could eat any food that you know of (experienced or imagined), what would that food be?
5. In your life, what have you had the sense you are waiting for?
6. Which of the planets in your solar system do you identify with most and why?
7. Name the ET species or group (other realms, Fae, Gnomes, etc) you are most familiar with.
8. Think of a time that you’ve been “lost”, or identified with the word “lost”, and describe that experience (past experience, not present). Describe the process from being lost to being “not lost”, the journey.
9. If you could go by any name, what would you go by? Your unique identifier.
10. What is the color of your eyes?
11. Describe the family you identify with.

-The closing procedure
-Knowing if you’re being considered for contact
-September 2016


Season 2, Episode 1 (7-20-16)

-Pokemon Go
-Youth’s unpredicability
-­­Pleiadian’s take on it
-Court cases/blaming the game for things
-Toxicity/old memories lie in fat cells
-The Endeavor is post-poned
-Contact possibilities
-The “Interview Contacts”
-The energies of July and August
-The Full Moon of September (ET “Fly-overs”)
-Shadow beings
-More about Pokemon Go, the Terms and Conditions, waive all rights, please send email
-We did better than the “Endeavor”
-Elena Kapulnik, she’s got data Julien doesn’t have…follow her, too
-How Pokemon Go familiarizes us with parallel realities


Episode 21, Season 1 Finale (7-5-16)

-Recap of past shows:
Consciousness of crystals
Personal vs Consensus reality
Law of Attraction fundamentals
Death is like “Ground Hog Day”
The beings on Cloud 9
The Sun as a focal lens
(In the middle) ***Channeling from Leonara/the Sun
What empathy actually means
Magick/Technology…not so different
Tranid and the data dump
Do “right” by everyone
Musical artist Prince
Nonphysical/Physical forms
“Chewbacca Mom”
The hippie vibration

-“The Endeavor”, the Pleiadians’ Disclosure package
-Ship coming to land on Lake Michigan
-What happened to last week’s show?
-ETs will be communicating through holograms over cities
-Project Blue beam
-Photos were captured of the portal for this mission
-Pictures shown
-Talking about upcoming Season 2
-Sessions are still discounted (Book here)


Episode 20 (6-28-16)

Hey, everyone. As you all know, we had some technical difficulties on this week’s show (Exploring the New Age episode 20), but I wanted to explain a bit about why the recording promised has not been released yet. I had done a session earlier in the day, during which some perhaps sensitive data regarding ETs and our future was discussed. It excited me greatly, so I was going to talk about it on the show, also. I could not help but note the synchronicities which snowballed after that live stream fail, leading me to require contemplation about why this data was being prevented from release. Thank you all for your patience while I allow life to reveal the meanings. Cheers! 🙂


Episode 19 (6-21-16)

-Today is Julien’s 3 year initiation anniversary
-June’s powerful manifestation opportunities and the Solstice
-The disclosure process rolling out
-The Moon has not always been here
-There has been slight movement over the years
-The Moon is inhabited right now
-In depth description of the Moon’s energy
-Reading auras
-Sagittarius energy
-All things have consciousness
-Pagans, Wiccans, Druids and Atlantis
-The story of Billy Meier (ET data/footage collector)
-What Julien asked Abraham Hicks when he saw them at a conference
-Expectation is VERY powerful
-Julien recommends Sidereal Astrology over Western Tropical, the difference between the 2 systems
-Project Blue Beam disabled
-Surveys to assess readiness to meet with ETs
-About Julien’s sessions and 30% off deal


Episode 18 (6-14-16)

-How we are involved in disclosure
-How ET’s party
-Julien’s Pleiadian body
-The human journey through the 21 Major Arcana (Tarot)
-This planet has extreme abundance
-Getting caught up in what people think of you
-Most ETs are telepathic
-Repetition and sticking with things long enough to see your impact
-Julien’s visits to future timelines (4 years from now)
-Replicators will be overwhelmingly available
-Generating something from nothing
-A giant airport right near the Moon
-Julien finally speaks on Gun Control
-Wounded Knee massacre
-Anarchy and Scarcity Consciousness
-We don’t actually need to defend ourselves
-Healing abilities
-The energetics of being overweight
-Trading lives
-How to leave the planet


Episode 17 (6-8-16)

-The month of June is a “test” or rather, “Opportunity”
-What are we REALLY trying to manifest? Differing values between people
-This moon cycle is about seeing your manifestations, when it becomes very real
-Applying Law of Attraction effectively
-Comparing June to December 21, 2012- significant catalyst
-Ego finally accepting the wisdom of the Higher Self, or Broader Awareness
-Now is the time for physical, grounding actions
-Much information and disclosure actually taking place beyond this planet
-Thinkers and Doers
-How Julien gets answers from Pleiadians
-Andrew Basiago
-About Mars, trees and beings under the surface
-There is MUCH going on “up there” (space)
-“The Veil” is the confines of your imagination
-Chemtrails have been disabled


Part 4 Special Comprehending Vibrations (6-2-16)

-Vibrations are fractals
-Visual demonstration
-Our range of perception
-Toroidal field and expansion
-Humanity going back to essential creation dynamics
-The “Escape Vector”
-Love gives all answers
-20% of our problems follow us on a new tangent of creation
-You cannot leave Gaia without going through the “Hero’s Journey” or the 21 Major Arcana of the Tarot (which is Gaia’s creation)
-“3 falls of man”
-Following the Heart Timeline/Heart’s Flame/passion
-Peace of mind creates the perception of Time acceleration
-51% positive thoughts is your ticket out


Episode 16 (5-31-16)

David Wilcock article
-Part 4 special coming Thursday on vibration, frequency, flicker rates. Facebook Event
-Time is relative, based on perception
-They are REAL experiences
-Seeing energy on hands
-Getting more data
-The Ascension Mirror World
-You slow down, get more done in less time (4th density)
-You have to respect your way through Hell, or stay there
-“The Event” when everything changes
-How Julien deliberately manifested a penny out of thin air
-The POWERFUL energy of June 2016
-Something momentous will change the way you see life, could be personal could be global
-Something which really integrates the fact that YOU create your world
The President’s Space Report Letter
-The Pleiadians and the Sun join the conversation
-There’s a way to “read” the Sun


Episode 15 (5-24-16)

-The viral video “Chewbacca Mom”
-Permission to be “selfish”
-How worlds weave together
-The TV series “Avatar: The Last Air Bender”
-Aided in cascade of synchronicity
-Julien’s dream about Extra Terrestrial landings
-He boarded a huge cruise-like ship and explored it
-He tried foods and met people working there
-The Pleiadian Credit/Merit System
-Most things are all taken care of, similar to Basic Income system
-He went to a lounge on this ship
-How credits are earned
-The credit chips have intelligence like crystals
-What the bathrooms are like
-Establishing value of self
-Questions from the chat


Episode 14 (5-17-16)

-Talking about Spirit Science article called, “9 Signs You Are Tapping Into Your Dormant Psychic Abilities
-Distilled water
-Roar of silence or high pitch
-Physical sensations
-Reading people
-Seeing Auras
-Lucid Dreaming
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Episode 13 (5-10-16)

-There has been a collapsing of timelines
-You are the center of the Universe
-Understanding Time, it is not linear
-Now is what is relevant, the final result of all timeline potentials
-Speaking with “God”
-The past can change, literally
-Water is crystalline, our connection to the subtle energy
-Quantum Mechanics is our scientific bridge to the limitless world
-Negativity is just being at an imbalance
-A tool to move forward with: mantras
-Using repetition
-Change one tiny thing, everything shifts
-Practice your interests
-Getting into the “state of Now” with the breath
-Focus strengthens things
-Your state of mind changes Time
-Substances alter timing in the brain
-New updates, doing interviews soon
-Don’s contact ( and new projects


Part 3 Special “Comprehending Vibration” (5-7-16)

-Redefining our idea of wave forms
-Visual demonstration of what “high vibration” really means, scientific angle of this (slideshow)
-Brain wave frequency states
-Light and the electromagnetic spectrum
-Viewing the etheric realm
-Sound Waves vs Light Waves
-Our thoughts are Light
-How DNA fits in
-Repetition is one way to create density
-How substances change our frequency
-Being on “different wavelengths”
-Making the nonphysical physical
-Listening to high frequencies
-Alcohol and substances effects on the chakras


Episode 12 (5-3-16)

-Gaia (the Earth) and her take on existence
-21 archetypes for human life (21 major arcana in the Tarot)
-Tarot is Gaia’s “System”
-Lemuria had 11, animal kingdom has 3
-Reading Tarot
-The Fool is you
-Pleiadians think we’re hard core
-Cabal is non-creative
-Questions from the chat
-Julien channels Gaia
-Gaia requested the moon as her partner
-The moon was not always there, and will not always be there
-We talk with the late, great Prince
-He was “killed”, but wants to talk about what death really is
-Talk to your past to reprogram your now
-Wisdom of Prince wraps up the show


Special “Comprehending Vibration” Part 1, Part 2 (4-28-16)

-Vibrations manifesting
-Always expanding, not contracting
-Traveling faster than speed of light
-The vibration of royalty vs peasant
-Princess Diana
-Quantum Physics and dimension
-Seeing energy
-Exploding vibrations
-Celebrity ascension “deaths”
-Prince and his music
-Dying is the lowest point of existence we can experience in 3D
-Creating what we can explore – may be introduced by psychedelic drugs
-Weed is edible form is best
-Ascension point
-The heart is a toroidal figure
-The first drug ever offered to you is your path
-Dark night of the soul not necessary
-Julien has gone to the hippy world


Episode 11 Part 1, Part 2 (4-26-16) 

-Panama papers in detail
-Pleiadians’ observations of current governmental status
-Legitimate threats coming to government through disclosure
-They have ways to evade too much surveillance
-Cobra’s Resistance Movement
-Julien speaks with a Draco-Reptilian
-A great number of high-level officials (presidents, etc) have “paranormal’ assistance
-You can ALWAYS make amends
-Message from the Sun
-A special additional Live stream airing on April 28th same time and place


Episode 10 (4-19-16)

-Is ‘The Event’ close?
-Earthquakes, Sun changes, Panama Papers, increase in Ufo sightings
-Energies of this powerful week
-A distraction event likely
-Tranid shows up again
-He says a Huge data dump is coming in weeks
-Hackers and the Pentagon
-Disclosure on a large scale
-The importance of Forgiveness at this time
-Gaia is looking after the “sheep” (sleeping masses)
-Needing permission to eat animals in order to receive benefit from it
-How the subconscious operates with other people
-Julien announces his new service for illustrating auras and doing full body chakra scans


Episode 9 (4-12-16)

-Introducing the Council
-Don and Julien’s history with them
-We create 90% of life while awake, 10% while sleeping
-The stages of dream state
-Julien describes a dream he had 4-11-16
-Incredibly detailed dream
-Abraham-Hicks was sent to prepare us for ET contact
-Contact scenario
-Questions from the chat
-Does Source have a personality?
-Pleiadians offer their answer
-Unraveling paradox
-Flying cars and flying humans
-The difference between Magic and Technology is nothing more than knowing how it works


Episode 8 (4-5-16)

-Money is a representation of the human’s energy
-Enjoying the creative process
-Leonara shares on Empathy
-EVERYONE is an “Empath”
-Most think empathy is an extraction of “Fact” about another, but it’s not (relativity)
-Psychic abilities
-Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump
-Leonara wraps up her expanded definition of empathy
-Using empathy in egoic ways
-The Panama Papers info leak
-Julien brings through (telepathically) “Tranid”
-Iceland is a very ‘awake’ country
-Vladamir Putin’s moves are very calculated, he does have extra terrestrial guidance (intuitive connection)
-Vote rigging
-Campaiging is getting people to practice thoughts
-Practice transparency if you want to see it from others


Episode 7 (3-30-16)

-Other people’s realities are just invitations
-Charisma and attractiveness
-Practices for gaining awareness through the veil of sadness
-Don’t call bullshit on what you’ve attracted, drop judgment
-Learning through attracting what you don’t want
-Exposing bankers, etc
-Everything is a negotiation
-Respect of oneself as a creator
-Somebody convincing you that disconnection from Source is valuable
-Money, Food, and Time are forms of exchanged energy
-Transitioning to a moneyless system
-How energy operates in the subconscious
-A message from the Sun for these intense energetic days
-This is like an entrance exam to make sure we’re ready for what we want


Episode 6 (3-22-16) In 2 parts which are in the correct order on the playlist

-The attack in Brussels which occured the morning of 3-22-16
-What is terrorism, energetically?
-A negotiating tool
-Communication and cocreation
-Violence and confrontation
-Taking responsibility for our creations
-The difference between the 3rd and 5th dimensions is choices
-The limits of being pissed off
-Excitement means energy is flowing
-Law of Attraction
-Improving communication
-Others’ realities are just offers
-Terror to get attention
-Lies and manipulation
-Looking at things from a 5D perspective
-Facts are not really facts and the energy of Truth (your truth vs THE truth)
-Selling the story is an attempt to perpetuate OPTIONS for truth, but not THE truth
-We don’t actually need to protect each other from each other


Episode 5 (3-15-16)

-The Eclipse effects
-Becoming creator
-The Sun resolves our audio issues so Julien can channel him
-He channels Gaia next
-He channels Leonara (2nd emissary for the Sun)

-Leonara is the one on the graphic for the show
-The shift is undeniable now

*Click HERE for the short clip introducing Leonara*

-Clip from one of Don Murphy’s private sessions (December 2015)
-Error and Perfection of the human
-She’s here to teach the value of the Present Moment
-The Sun’s role in bestowing awareness
-Consciousness in balance
-The common heart of all Religions

*Click HERE for a Channeled message from the Sun (12 mins) to help support during the Eclipse/Equinox time*

-This is also a clip from one of Don Murphy’s private sessions in February
-How to “read” the sun for relevant information
-Information can be used for pulling winning lottery numbers, no restrictions
-Sun-reading was done in ancient Egypt
-Attracting material energetic resources
-Lyran consciousness, Leo archetype, the Beetle, the Scorpion
-You may make all the mistakes you like
-Law of Attraction
-Disarray or Arrangement is up to you
-Final key: “Protect not, Lead”
-How it feels talking to the Sun
-Using this information


Episode 4 (3-8-16)

-What are we choosing for our reality?
-Change occurs in phases
-World cooperation
-Ashtar article is summarized
-Donald Trump
-Leonara and the Sun
-The Solar Eclipse and how the Sun influences our lives
-A new definition for “Fact” from Leonara

*Click here for the short clip introducing Leonara*

-Clip from one of Don Murphy’s private sessions (December 2015)
-Error and Perfection of the human
-She’s here to teach the value of the Present Moment
-The Sun’s role in bestowing awareness
-Consciousness in balance
-The common heart of all Religions

*Click HERE for a Channeled message from the Sun (12 mins) to help support during the Eclipse/Equinox time*

-This is also a clip from one of Don Murphy’s private sessions in February
-How to “read” the sun for relevant information
-Information can be used for pulling winning lottery numbers, no restrictions
-Sun-reading was done in ancient Egypt
-Attracting material energetic resources
-Lyran consciousness, Leo archetype, the Beetle, the Scorpion
-You may make all the mistakes you like
-Law of Attraction
-Disarray or Arrangement is up to you
-Final key: “Protect not, Lead”
-How it feels talking to the Sun
-Using this information


Episode 3 (3-1-16)

-Death is like Ground Hog Day
-It TRULY doesn’t exist
-Timelines; we’ve died many times in this life
-Ego death eventually replaces physical death
-The different “Heavens”
-People who “die” persist on other timelines, in other realities
-Cloud 9 and their interactions with us
-The Awakening Event
-“Fear of Death is the Cause of Death”
-Pleiadians wish to speak with Don


Episode 2 (Part 1, Part 2) (2-23-16)

-Bubble realities vs consensus reality
-Understanding others’ experiences in relationships
-Personal reality trumps consensus reality
-Creating reality fundemental: focus on what you WANT, not the parts you don’t
-Corey Goode and the Blue Avians/Sphere Being Alliance
-Description of Pleiadian consensus reality
-Julien speaks with Pleiadian Victoria


Episode 1 (2-16-16)

-Julien’s background and introduction to Don Murphy
-How Julien reads energy
-How the governmental structure will change over this year
-The power of the child-like nature
-Everything is true
-What the “New Age” is
-The new X-Files
-General read on the energies/events of 2016
-Planet X/Nibiru
-The crystals of the planet intend to work together for one massive energetic event
-The Pleiadians share a message