September 3, 2016: Interview with Bob Wright

Our interview tonight with Bob Wright has been posted to the Events page!  This was amazing and we are definitely having him back on:

-A bit about bob’s past
-Connecting to beings who assisted in astral projection adventures
-Bob’s fascinating magical experiences
-He’s been contacted/recruited by the Illuminati 3 times, has been to secret meeting events
-His brother was briefly on the “dark side”
-Julien explains what “downloads” are
-Bob’s understanding of Awakening
-Other people have their own plans, not for you to change
-The Event
-The accelerated manifestation of both dreams and fears
-Bob says, “PLEASE stop blaming, YOU are responsible for this world”
-Bob’s view on “Flat Earth”
-“You are something experiencing something” -no separation!
-Workshop coming in one week:
-Contact Bob: and on Facebook

September 3 Bob Wright


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