Session Reviews

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My session with Julien Wells was tremendously insightful. He is a truly gifted human being able to go far beyond your expectations.”



Perfect. My reading wirh Julien was informative and empowering, what more could one want from a reading? Insightful and dynamic reading. Julien patiently listened as I layed out my areas of interest on mutiple topics. Ddi he red my mind? No. But he read the energies of the situations and gave me practical suggestions that fit into what may be doable in my world. He was very attentive to bridging with my paradigm to fir what was needed into my world confidently informing me of things that would shift the dynamics needed to make things work better for me. There is nothing like the satisfaction of an indepth conversation with someone who can “get ” your world and experiences and shine a light to a path ( or several) out.).”


“I had a session with Julien for first time. I have had many sessions before but nothing can be compared to having a session with him. His profound knowledge and wisdom sparks from any angle. It really opened new, unknown doors I did not know exist and that now, will serve me to catapult my consciousness and fulfill my divine purpose with ease and grace. Thank you Julien Lucero”


“A wonderful session with Julien. I feel he is so very talented and can help you understand even more about yourself and your position in these extradionary times. Thanks Julien, you are truly a gift. Gina G”


“A comfortable conversation. Learned many new insights into purpose and potential. Very satisfied.”


“If you care to speed your ascension with ease, or have any questions pertaining to your past history or present encounters, or would like helpful solutions & possibilities resolving your life’s situations – then you must have a session with Julien! Julien is a very giving person and also easy to talk with. He will effectively guide you through your session and help you resolve any issue in your way- at least he did that for me in my 2 hour session. I also appreciate the fact that his sessions so affordable and easily attainable. I have actually saved money by having a session with Julien, as I learned what options were best for me, and also the avenues I had assumed that I needed to purchase- but discovered in my session- that I didn’t need to buy after all. After my session, I noticed that my current life situation was no longer the huge challenge that I had thought it was, that my energy/frequency was so lit up and so high, that I was so jazzed, I was so happy….. I don’t know how that happened, I hadn’t felt the usually feeling of an energy transmission, but something big did happened, a cornerstone in my life…and I am totally grateful to Julien for the ‘slump’ that’s no longer there :)”


“Julien is like a bridge between realities and I am grateful for the service he provides. Offering a peek into the unknown, he channels entities and information helping to connect those without as clear of such a connection. Thank you Julien, I enjoy hearing your perspective.”


“Julien gave me a lot of excellent, practical information I can use right away. I don’t have people I can discuss my experiences with, so Julien also provided confirmations for me that put me at ease and reassured me. I love spirituality but it has to have a grounded and practical aspect for me to be able to fully appreciate it and Julien has a firm grasp of both of these worlds we walk in. Many thanks!!!!”


“My session with Julien was one of the best I have ever had. I am not easily impressed, but I am impressed. The guidance for advancement that Julien was able to bring forth from my guides is priceless. For me it is good to be able to have someone to go to to help keep me in check and I believe that with the help of Julien I will be able to get this accomplished. I implemented one of the suggestions immediately this morning. Thank you!!”


This was the first time I have had anything like this done, but I have to say it was a very positive experience for me. I felt elated after the session. Julien is very easy to talk to and tells you the information that comes through in a way that is clear and very easy to understand. There is so much so much more I would like to know (should have booked a longer session). Thank you, Julien for an Amazing session!!!”


Julien is a very beautiful and gifted person. The session I had with him today allowed me to find a much deeper understanding of my path in life; about what I’m feeling now and he was able to share with me a richer understanding of the truth, I am not alone. The session was candid and gave me answers to some very real concerns and questions. I have a great deal of gratitude for Julien’s ability to bring what I could not easily see about myself into clearer focus. I am grateful for the spiritual connection to my angel and guides which Julien was able to bring to me.”


Hi Julien I’ve had two great sessions with you and they have both been fantastic. I have learned so much from them in such a short while. Your clear way of delivering your message and tuning in to what is required to be said is just amazing. This world needs more teachers like you. Thank you for this forum and for your love and compassion. Keep on shining, much love, Racquel”


I HIGHLY recommend Julien’s work. He is so unique in his ability to clearly connect you with specific knowledge about your journey here on Earth that can really confirm your own intuition and also help you accelerate and raise the quality of your vibration and experience. I was given some practical, simple advice about how to tackle a challenge I haven’t been able to resolve for years and am truly grateful. The hour went by way too fast and I look forward to doing another session soon. Thank you, Julien!”


I have done many sessions with Julien and have come to trust him as a coach, a guide and a friend who has instrumentally assisted me to overcome some of the most difficult challenges I have ever faced. I cannot recommend him enough nor can I say enough good things about him. He is one of a kind and I’m grateful to have connected with Julien.”


“Julien’s talks always hold little nuggets of mind blowing truth that are relevant to my current situation. He is an awesome guide, and counselor who is connected to source and I have found to always be accurate. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone who is looking for assistance in connecting with their higher self, and seeks assistance in raising their vibrations. I am happy you have started this radio show for I know how many others will benefit from your wisdom and light. Thank you for all you do.”


From a Facebook share: “Julien Wells has been an huge part of my awakening process and there is NOBODY I trust more to assist me as a direct voice to engaging with my guides and higher-self. If you’ve read my personal awakening story, he is the “enlightened man” whom I spoke with that really propelled me into my awakening and I have continued to use his services to this day. I am in joy to share his incredible gifts, his wisdom and clarity with you all.
He is brilliant and the only being I have personally engaged with that I trust 100% without a doubt can speak to my guides directly.

You can see him mentioned briefly in my personal awakening story @ this link

Much love and light, Andrew.”


“Awesome Work
Thank you soo much for a great session this morning and for being an example of what you always remind me of doing: “being in my highest excitement!” – which is exactly the state I’m in during our session and that lingers for the whole day. I always value, and am in awe of, how the combination of your energy, my energy, plus the act of reading my field and current situation, always creates an appropriate circuit for spirit and my higher self to bring through great and nourishing information and insight. This is GOLD! Keep up the great service !!!!!!!”


“My gratitude to Julien for a great reading. His clarity was most appreciated and very helpful!”


“Personal Reset.  When at crossroads it can be very helpful to get key insights from one who sees through the veil. Julien’s work is excellent, with hyper awareness of the multi-dimensional levels acting in our energy fields. His input assisted me to tune in with clarity to my own path and make inner shifts to achieve what I desire.”


“Always enlightening!You’ve done it again! Thank you Julien and “co.”! (aka the Pleiadians!) You always shine the light where I need it shed… And I always come away with more insight and confidence than I anticipate. I love that the information shared continues to unravel and unfold additional insight days, sometimes weeks after the sessions! Deep gratitude for your service and assistance”

“Had an amazing time speaking with Julien. I am very selective when having someone “read” for me, for I get much information on my own. However, at times I love to have clarity on data I “am” getting….I call it “dot connecting”. I feel we are all so connected and our universe has provided us with aligned beings that can assist us in adding pieces to our puzzle. I would highly, highly recommend Julien. Thanks again brother it was great to connect again!!!!!”

“Wonderful !I would like to simply thanks you for your help to understand more ourselves and what is coming. Peace and love to you.”

“Brilliant.  Julien’s guidance is right on and I AM grateful!”

“Julien reading with my Higher Self has been invaluable in overcoming my depression. The best reading I have ever had”

“Thank you, Julien, for another fantastic session, full of revelations; inspired and loving guidance; and positive outlook. I’m still trying to process the tremendous amount of great information, but have already put into practice some tips you passed on to me from my Guides, which are working very well. I feel a newer, more improved connection to my Higher self, and it feels wonderful. Thank you for the gift of the public session, and being gracious and understanding of my situation enough to shift it to a private one. Blessings, Love and Light to you my Brother! 🙂 <3

“Thank you, Julien, for another fantastic reading session on Monday evening. You opened my eyes to what was really happening in my life, and gave me enormous confidence and hope for my future as a healer and spiritual beinour working with my Guides was an additional blessing, and I learned many ways to keep more centered and in touch with them, and improve my manifesting abilities – all in joy and love. Thanks also for being gracious and understanding enough to make mine a private session because of my particular issues, even though I had won a public one. Always a blessing and joy to talk with you Brother. Blessings, Love and Light to you and your newly revealed Self, King Arthur! 🙂 <3”

“I had an awesome session with you, Julien. I felt the energy inherent within it. I learned much. My passion and excitement for what lies ahead has been renewed. I have a lot of homework to do and am looking forward to it. I’m overflowing with energy today. Thank you so much Julien. I highly recommend your services and I shall return. Yay!!!”


“Well Wells, what to say other than synchronicity. Divine plan is perfect and so is our meeting. Peace&love&Thanks :)”

“One of the best sessions of my life. So many questions were answered that had been hanging in my head for many years. I am so excited to know that what I thought I knew, was validated. I was thinking correctly. The understanding I received from you was so refreshing and freeing. You, Julien Wells, you are a loving, beautiful person who is wide awake. I would like to speak to you again very soon. I felt a very rich closeness to you as we were talking – as if you were my brother. Very easy to talk to and you were spot on. Love and Peace to you, Debra Shell Lynn ~ Sophia Mars”


“The 1 hour session with Julien was chalked full of wonderful information. I am feeling the integration this morning which is the following morning. Beautiful insights and intuitions are present for me and I know that our conversations going forward will only be more expansive and full filling.”

“Light Worker.  Thanks Julien. I have a lot to ponder and implement. I have been following you and your work with the Pleidians. It is a joy and an honor to get to interact with you. I am sure I will be back after I have worked with the recommendations you got for me from my guides. Many Blessings Kathy”

“Just great.  Many many informations ! A lot of confirmations ! A huge amount of explanations ! See you soon. Many thanks.”


“Julien, Excellent session. What you offered from my guides was just right for me. Points came up, and I knew exactly what they were talking about. Clarified many things as well as giving me a real confidence boost in trusting myself more. Feels like the start of a whole new journey.”

“I had an amazing session with Julien! Some of the information I received matched that from other sources (an unexpected confirmation of sorts) while other tidbits helped fill in some puzzle pieces and connect aspects of my life and personality. It was a lot of information to absorb (will definitely be listening to the recording), but now that I’ve had some time to reflect on a few things, I am aware of certain patterns and why there are happening. I also really enjoyed learning about my guides and the roles they currently play in my life. I’m excited to see how I can incorporate these new insights as I move forward. Thank you, Julien! It was wonderful! :)”

“This is who I go to for help, I can trust Julien for clear, unbiased and expanded multidimensional perspective. In fact we had a rockin session last night, ohh it was so juicy! I am honored to know both Julien and his wife Crystal. I appreciate you!”


“a great consultation.  Julien was very present and giving and yet receptive to my questions. Additionally, his answers were complete and insightful. I feel like I received information of an order and clarity that I hadn’t yet received on my own. A real eye-opener and yet confirmation of many trends that I had somewhat caught onto myself.”

“Julien is very helpful. +warm and kind and all that jazz. Excellent spiritual counselor… ***** highly recommend. <3”

“Awesome sauce. Julien is amazing. You should book an appointment with him <3”


“Thanks Julien! You are an awesome galactic counselor! You are really helping people in the most profound ways by providing and helping people for connecting and communicating with their higher self/being and their parallel realities so they can leave fear behind, be at peace, and comfortably and knowledgably navigate their transition into the New Age, as well as preparing for meeting and joining all of our galactic neighbors! With this time of transition and upheaval, it is so awesome to have your talents and abilities available for counsel, in such an easy, comfortable and affordable process! Talk with you soon, Peace and Love, Kevin”

“Thank you for the awesome reading, it was very helpful to me and would definatley recommend others to get one.”


“This reading was so much more than I ever could expect!! In my life I have felt lost and frustrated and this will help me to understand and work with my guides…the tips and points of how each guide works and the purpose I now know!!! The subjects and information flow even without my questions, were precisely on point with my life as well as present day. I wasn’t able sleep with the immense energies and power I felt a couple hours later. I highly recommend Julien and will refer friends. This is the most exciting thing I have experienced in my life to do with my soul and my guides and the path of living on this planet. You are doing exceptional work here Julien!!! The public fee is very low and I will be making a donation because the information is such a benefit and worth so much more. Thanks again Julien :)”



“I truly enjoyed my session with Julien. He took the time out to address every question that I asked him as fully as possible. In my session, the greatest information that I received was being introduced to 4 of my Guides in great detail. I now feel that I have a connection to these Guides and hope to incorporate them more fully in my life. Thank you, Julien!”


“My first session with Julien was incredible! Julien did a great job of getting us both into the flow very quickly and it was plainly obvious that he was communicating with a broader part of me. My most important questions were answered without asking, and more! Synchronicity was abound. I am not saying this just to give a great review, I highly recommend this for anyone who needs a boost to their expansion. I will be a regular as the session was incredibly effective and powerful in a real substantive “here’s what YOU, specifically your soul, need(s) to do!”. Thanks!”


“I am very pleased and impressed with the information brought forward in the session I experienced with Julien. So much helpful information and on re-listening even more, of course, that I ‘missed’ during the session. I am still integrating and implementing, I suspect I will be for a while. Thank you Julien! I highly recommend your services. Deborah”



“I sent this a few days ago but the computer froze somewhat so may not have made it through. Sorry if a repeat. The time went by so quickly, not realizing that it had been 3 weeks since my incredible reading with you. I have been wanting to share my experiences with you in great detail, but that will be another time, as I continue to play with and process it all, and it has been very exciting and extremely fulfilling! Every day brings us new energies for the opportunity for growth, but sometimes we get a bit lost and have questions and need some extra help and guidance to find that light to follow that we had been looking for. Your knowledge and visions, and great care in delivering them, aided me in many and wonderous ways. Thank you for being so genuine and joyous with your work. Your passion and love for healing others is evident, and as you share your gifts of perception and truth with such ease and grace, it makes one feel very comfortable and ‘at home’. The confirmations and answered questions, many of which I hadn’t given you yet, and bringing much clarity to the overall picture as well as the steps needed to take were a welcome sigh of relief as well as that extra spark of excitement of receiving a new gift to open and discover. You delivered the messages from my guides in such a way that only I would know how personal and true they were. I have gained so much more knowledge of myself and of my work and am continuing to every day. Much love and gratitude sent to you Julien. Your own growth as we’ve all ‘seen’ since ‘wayyy’ back in early 2013, I believe, is a very wonderful testimony and inspiration of what doing and being what you are passionate about can become. For this, I titled this ‘Commendation’. Commendation: praise, congratulation, appreciation; acclaim, credit, recognition, respect, esteem, admiration, homage, tribute And by the way, Alistair says that he likes your jingle… ???”


“I found out about Julien after listening to a podcast from In5D Radio titled “Connecting with the Pleiadian Collective”. I felt like I learned so much about myself in just one hour. Julien was able to go into such detail. I just asked, “Who are my guides and what messages do they have for me?” and I got so much information! It was fun and extremely informative! Actually, I even feel that one hour isn’t enough. (lol) I want to do another session!”


“Monday evening, I had what could be called a “conversational” reading with Julien. The reading reflected my “broader self “in such a way that I was, and continue to be, energized by the truth. Julien described how he would bring forth a picture (from my energy field) using puzzle pieces, symbols, clues…the proverbial bread crumbs…. we’ve scattered onto the path… to the one destination we all share….back to the heart. Since the reading, I’ve had multiple “aha’s….” I’ve laughed at myself, I’ve opened up…in new ways… to the magic of the mirror that is LIFE herself! After the reading, in my quiet time, I got this warning message, too! taking oneself too seriously will lead to life lived from the head not the happy heart AND ….lastly… after 40 years of removing obstacles to clear seeing, I saw how my ego still wants to justify and dramatize some little imposition upon it’s guarded territory. Julien gently and caringly offers the keys to look into and beyond the ego’s grip. I suggest letting go and take the keys! That is his gift…to serve the SELF and to offer playful, colorful, enchanting and meaningful clues as we choose to move into the dynamic…and often subtle creation of our best life. Need I say more?! Ps: I received two animal totems! They suit me perfectly! Thank you so much, Julien, for all you have given me. Namaste. ♥ ”



“I had a wonderful session with Julien and I admit, I didn’t quite realize the wide spectrum of his abilities until my session. I am still in awe. I highly recommend connecting with your guides through Julien as feedback was very clear to me and provided much clarity such as the many sychronicities that I’ve been shown over and over again, to foods which would help me during this time and what I needed to be doing for my physical self. Some of my questions were essentially not questions I feel anyone else could have answered….I’m talking really far out into the universe type questions about what some of us are experiencing at this point, yet we know nothing about just yet. This is a time where many questions are arising and his connection helped to smooth out this journey which isn’t always easy or smooth and get me back on track. Just knowing that he’s made himself available to those of us wishing to connect is a relief. I so look forward to connecting with him again <3”


“What an outstanding 1-hour skype-session! 🙂 I went in blind on a friends recommendation and Julien managed to deliver way more than expected (while managing to avoid unwanted spoiling) and he’s just an easy-to-talk-to guy with serious reading and helping power; personal views were greatly expanded. Full-on awesome experience overall and easily highly recommendable, thank you!”


“Thank you, Julien, for a fantastic, enlightening, and potentially life-changing conversation yesterday! I really appreciated the time you took to answer all of my questions, as well as your volunteering so much incredible information about me that you were receiving. Great thanks and blessings. Namaste, Steve”



“I heard Julien talking with Chris Hales on BlogTalkRadio and felt a desire to talk to Julien. I am glad i did. “Do or Do Not! There Is No Try!” I am now talking the next steps of my journey. I still have no idea where I am going but that does not matter anymore as it is our own journey that is the reason all of us are here on this beautiful world of contrasts.”


“Awesome session. Thanks julien!”


“Morena Julien Wells it was total bliss to speak with you last night from Auckland, New Zealand @ 11:00pm (US time) 6:00pm (NZ time) Thankful are we all to have shared our little group with you & your energies and to also explain the concept of The Cafe of the Awakening Soul with you. Needless to say we all have been working since we got off-line with you and the energies in just the last 12 hours are ramped up 🙂 We are also very much looking forward to sharing with you and others, progress going forward. We will keep in contact. Love, light and hugs, Tania, Shayne-Louise, Elisa, David, Danny & the visitors ;-)”



“I’ve had 2 sessions now with Julien which were incredibly enjoyable, motivating and highlighted that inner knowing you already have….plus lots of surprises too! Can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you xx”


“I had a session with Julien and I loved it. Hes so darn easy to talk to and told me some good stuff to try. i highly recommend”


Thanks Julien – very useful session with lots of practical info to move forward with. I love the fact that you are affordable too. cheers Sharon”



“Julien was as present as he continues to be on “The Transitioning” Radio Program. His insights and conversational self is such a pleasure and affirming of our multi-dimensional selves. Quite an honor to make the connection. So Grateful, Deerwomon”


“This was one of the most fascinating conversations I’ve had in my life. I was a bit unsure because English is not my native language and it is difficult to express myself on this level. It formed no barrier for Julien, order to pick up what I felt, the information on energetic level and what I meant to say. It’s great how he brings into words exactly what I experience at this stage of my developement. Actually the pieces fell after the session really in place. I see this session as a gift for myself. Thank you Julien for this heartwarming conversation! Lieve groetjes, Tilda”


“You know when you connect with the right soul because The connection opens up doorways that prove to be extremely insightful For both parties. Both parties are challenged, and from this new experiences are generated. This is exactly what occurred with Julien. I experienced conformation, new awareness, Major healing resulting in expanded consciousness. Thank you from the depths of my soul!”


“Hello Julien! Please accept my appreciation for the conversation last night! It has propelled me into all sorts of action today. You helped me find clarity on many issues that I have been pondering. I am grateful! Sincerely, Whitney”