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The 5 Tenets of Human-Earth Reality – A Workshop with Julien Wells
September 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2016

Do you wonder what lies beyond the veil of unknowing? Can you imagine a world where all the big questions are answered and everyone is easily able to create their lives with clarity, confidence and personal empowerment? I am presenting a workshop to unfold the knowledge I have acquired throughout my own Awakening process. The Lion’s Gate portal 2016 (August 8-12), faced us all with a timeline acceleration opportunity, and the incoming eclipses of September promise much more. I feel if these 5 tenets are mastered now, or at least become familiar with the basic structure of this time-space reality which has been hidden from most for centuries, we will be better prepared to navigate the global transformations of 2017.

The 5 Tenets that we will explore are:

Part 1: Friday 5-7pm – What death is, and why physical death is not required.

The Afterlife is what we expect
-Death as “Ground Hog Day”
-Shifting paradigms
-Other people die, but you don’t
-A guided meditation
-Vitality and the awareness of the body
-Can we experience nothingness?
-Slowing time with a meditative state
Part 2: Saturday 2-4pm – What the heavens are and what dimensions and realms are including your own “Happy Hunting Grounds”.

-Cloud 9 is the “doorstep of Heaven”
-Heaven is a transition to a whole new experience of perfection
-You don’t have to “die” for it
-Dying is Ascension, is the movement into Heaven itself
-Your observation is the creation mechanism of your reality
-Where excitement plays into this
-About dimensions and realms
-Usually a collective environment
-Guided meditation
-Heaven is already within you
-We still need to consider that which is not Heaven
-You have to decide to be happy
-Inner Earth/Middle Earth
-“One” is a complete vibration in itself
-What about the presence of violence in life?
-You can have your negativity
-300 word document to change your life
Part 3: Saturday 5-7pm – What we are to each other, revealing how we may be our best with one another and anyone.

-Short term vs long term relationships
-When we look at someone, we are reading ourself
-We live the product of our beliefs
-Anger and rigid beliefs are anti-expansion
-Guided meditation
-Cheating in relationships
-The golden rule
-Take responsibility for what you created
-Hate is only expansion that you won’t accept
-Be playful
Part 4: Sunday 2-4pm – What the Illuminati really are, and why and how they use hidden (black) magic.

-Who are they?
-They work with magick and symbology
-Their origins and our genetic pool
-Lemuria and Atlantis
-They worked with crystals, treated them as fellow beings
-The Reptilians
-Vegetarianism and eating meat
-They have great respect for power
-Guided meditation
-Ritual and the mechanics of manifestation
-Sacred Geometry
-The world is a reflection of you

Part 5: Sunday 5-7pm – What are Extraterrestrials and Extradimensionals and what do they mean to us now.

-Channeled messages online
-The difference between extraterrestrials and extradimensionals
-Are we ready for contact?
-They are here to observe the transition
-Mind-altering substances
-Guided meditation
-Sharing Art and creativity
-Cities of Light
-ETs and Angels walk amongst us


This workshop can no longer be ordered as Julien Wells as made his transition on January 14, 2017